The company was established in 1995 and in 1996 was put into operation. The company is a pioneer in the production of Car Audio. The main theme of the company, designs and manufactures industrial parts and assembly of electric and electronic equipment other than a computer is. Company at its inception, with the primary purpose of radio, speakers and vehicle antennas formed on 1997/jun/11 to obtain license from the Ministry of Industry was Eshtehard and after the transfer of the plant to the industrial zone of Simindasht in the field of production of Industries and Mines Organization of Tehran Province, the new license is granted. Transmission factory in Qazvin in April 2009 and has succeeded in obtaining the exploitation permit on 2009/may/26 was from the Ministry of Industry.


The company utilizes the most advanced machinery elements, and flexibility to produce a variety of models of CarAadio, electronic circuits of the vehicle and is able also Automobiles using production equipment capable of producing a variety of speakers and antenna the antenna and the speaker is capable of. The benefits of these products affordable and includes all national and international standards, customer requirements and ultimate customer satisfaction.